'Valentine' Cool FREE Seamless Pattern Backgrounds

Apply your own colors, size and texture effects to thousands of FREE seamless pattern designs

Unlimited high res, vector files and continuous pattern area downloads are also available with PatternCooler affordable subscription plans (See bottom right)

This simple web app has been designed to provide seamless pattern images, for the use in creating:-

Edit colors and textures

2 color 3 color 3d 4 color 5 color 6 color 7 color 8bit abstract abstract angular angular arc arcade argyle army arrow art deco art nouveau artex asian balloon bamboo bend bird bling blobs block bloom blossom blur bows brick bright broken glass bubbles buck buddhist burning calligraphy camo camouflage cartoon casino checkers chevrons christmas chrysanthemum circles classic cloud club concentric contour crescent crest criss cross crosses crown cubes cubist curly daisy damask damien hirst dash designer diagonal diamond digital discs doily dollar dots dragon drawing drip elegant ellipse enso expensive eye fabric texture fade fan fashion feminine fern festive fine flame flames flecks flow flower fold football fractal fracture free hand french frieze frilly fun fuzzy geometric geometry gilmore glamor globe glow gothic gradient graffiti grass greek groove groovy happy hatching heart hepworth hexagonal hipster hole honeycomb horizontal houndstooth illusionary ink interlocking intertwine intricate islamic japanese jewish kids king lace layer layers leaf leopard skin light lilly linear lines lolita loop love lozenge luxury mackintosh maroccan military mirror money moon moroccan motif mountains nature neo damask neon net node noise optical art orchid organic oriental ornate overlay painted paisley patchwork peacock pebble piet mondrian pine tree pixel pixelated plaid plants playing cards point polka dot posh primitive psychedelic puzzle quatrefoil queen quilt rain rainbow random rectangle recycle retro ribbon ripple rocks rope rose rough royal sacred scratchy sculpture shadow shard shell shield simple sine wave skew slot smash snow flake spade sparkly spectrum sphere spike spin spiral splash splinter spots squares squiggle star stencil stripe sun sun burst sunflower svg logo swirl symmetric targets tartan tears tessellation textile tiger tile traditional transparencies tree triangle tulip tweed twinkle twist typography valentine valentines day vector vertical vintage wallpaper water waterfall wave wavey web 2.0 wheat wheel wicker wiggle winding window words woven xmas zebra zen zig zag