"Cool or uncool - what's your take on PatternCooler seamless backgrounds?"

Suggestions and Feedback
04 Jul 2013, 06:00
Hello brothers and I come from China very much like your website, I want to donate but do not be generic account, I support you will often come to see you
£¬good luck :)
17 Feb 2013, 19:04
Hello, congratulations, this tool is excelent, i donate $5, ok!
02 Feb 2013, 03:04
Really great site, saved my day! Thanks a lot!
01 Feb 2013, 23:27
Thanks :) This is great site in patterns sites. I designed my sites bg

<a href="http://www.ecmain.blogspot.com/" >Ecmain Blog<a/>
25 Jan 2013, 02:27
I love you now D:

I have searched for a certain kind of background and I failed to find one until I came here and its beautiful! If I ever get the ability to donate I shall!
22 Jan 2013, 08:58
ahh I love these patterns, they're so creative and, at the risk of sounding like a dweeb, FRESH. by far the best pattern making website i've come across yet.

I do have one request though: could you make a tile that looks like outerspace? the way a nebula looks, cloudy with star clusters. that'd be really cool!!

i wish i had some money to donate but i have literally $0.00 in paypal right now.
Anarres Foofurple
13 Jan 2013, 03:43
Pattern cooler is amazing! (And oddly addictive, you can spend a lot of time playing with the colours.) I used a floral pattern as a background for my comic app at http://foofurple.com/comic/.
11 Nov 2012, 12:34
Dude, amazing website, really.
First saw and though it's the regular 200-300 thumbnail gallery site, but was amazed by the options and the easy UI!

Impossible not to donate! (Actually I prefer thinking of it as paying openly, coz you really deserve it. No charity here).

Alexandra F.
18 Oct 2012, 04:11
Just wow. This site is FANTASTIC. The features available are stunning. Never have I seen such an intuitive and feature-rich FREE site with beautiful and useful content before. When I get paid next I plan on donating because this site is amazing. Keep up the good work. Sorry I can't donate at this very moment because you deserve it.
Lori Geiger
25 Sep 2012, 12:56
Awesome site! Stumbled on this site looking for Chevron patterns. Think you have everything but Chevron! If you make some, let me know. Thanks!
Barry Dollar
18 Sep 2012, 14:11
You Rock!
I love it so much I just had to share it on twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ and I blogged about it here > http://churchwebsocial.com/amazing-tool-for-customizing-background-patterns/
11 Sep 2012, 03:51
Very cool program. It's like a little electronic kalidascope
Lenny T.
09 Sep 2012, 01:30
Thank you for this wonderful tool!!!
08 Sep 2012, 11:49
This is such a wonderful site! Thank you so much for your hard work! You have really helped to make my site beautiful! I am very grateful! Have a splendid weekend!
24 Aug 2012, 21:25
Hi, soooo many great patterns. I'd love to use them for labelling my xmas presents and soaps. Only, I cannot find the 'make seamless' option. There's only preview / Size / download, but no 'make seamless'. Anybody out there, who can help? Where does the 'make seamless' button hide?
Design Tips
19 Aug 2012, 13:04
You are amazing! This site is amazing! I have created a design I love for my blog's background here. Please feel free to visit me at http://easydesigntipsandtricks.blogspot.com.au/. I have linked back to you also... A HUGE thanks! I literally spent hours on this great site, I am adding your site and it's awesomeness to a post also. :-)
15 Aug 2012, 12:15
Thank you so much for the lovely patterns. I spent a long time trying to find something I liked for my blog.
It will be ready soon!
01 Aug 2012, 12:08
This beautiful site of patterns helps thousands of people stop wasting time on finding patterns throughout the web. Thanks very much,

03 Jun 2012, 21:23
Tiling King
19 May 2012, 10:41
Amazing website, truly well done! :)
14 May 2012, 19:38
"Cool or uncool - what's your take on PatternCooler seamless backgrounds?"

I've donated already some money (more will come) for this great site - sites with really seamless, mathematical generated patterns are very rare!

01 May 2012, 01:30
Wow! What an utterly amazing tool. Thank you so very much for sharing this with all of us.
Hawnan Nahian
21 Apr 2012, 00:18
Its just a excellent site.
All patterns are good.
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Hawnan Nahian
21 Apr 2012, 00:15
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23 Mar 2012, 04:39
your site is lash i have used your pattern
in my web template my teacher was admiring
and asking the name of this site.
thnx alot.
21 Mar 2012, 01:02
This is amazing! I was on Behance and someone posted some of the patterns he made using your app. I love this! Can I use the patterns I make on the Art Cards I am creating and selling on Etsy? I will include attribution. Just let me know. THANKS.
05 Mar 2012, 10:38
nice website,Awesome wallpapers!
hi friends visit my wallpapers website. All Types of Wallpapers are available
22 Feb 2012, 04:12
Awesome website. I have tweeted my followers and will definitely promote your website elsewhere so you can keep working on it.
08 Feb 2012, 18:14
Hi Harvey :)

Just a note to say a Huge thank you for your time effort etc you have expended on your site. I really appreciate as do the other posters your generosity in putting this up for us all
Thanks again
Ps you look like my son
24 Jan 2012, 17:04
Hi there, thank you so much for putting up all of these beautiful patterns! The editor is also mindblowingly easy to use, and everything comes out super pretty! I used one of your patterns as background of my blog and will definetely mention you when I write about how a clueless girl like me could design a great background :D
Stacey Nicole
11 Jan 2012, 20:14
Found your site by chance today. Love it. I have a habit of wanting to change the look of my blog (which is read probably just by me) every few months and now I can. I never really can find a background that I like, so now I can basically create my own with the colors I am in the mood for. I just updated my blog to use a background I made on here this morning, and I made sure I mentioned your site on my 'about' page. Thanks!
02 Jan 2012, 08:53
I LOVE this website!
13 Dec 2011, 20:08
it's really great service for me as a web designer to create my own patterns , and i'm really that i can't help this site by online payment , cuse i have no international accunt to do that . . . but can do best wishesh for you (^__^)
Amin Manuchehri - Iran - Tehran
24 Nov 2011, 06:37
Thanks heaps! I would be happy to make a donation, but I don't have Paypal.
Tina W
19 Nov 2011, 20:39
Thanks so very much. Made a small donation, all I could spare, but I just wanted you to know that the site is amazing!
14 Oct 2011, 19:03
SO I just typed 'sight' instead of 'site'. Sorry, my sight is kind of faltering as I've been browsing through your amazing patterns the past hour or so. Your site is like some secret treasure island.
14 Oct 2011, 18:57
Harvey, you're simply the greatest. I just stumbled upon your sight now and it is kinda sad.

I'll donate next I get my salary.

05 Aug 2011, 08:27
I feel like I just woke up on Christmas morning!! I was looking for something totally different on the internet (I can't even remember what it was now, I'm so excited!) and stumbled onto your site. WOW!! I LOVE IT.

When I have a little bit of money, I'll be more than happy to make some donations to you. On a disability pension and just making ends meet but I'll do what I can to help keep you going as I love what you are offering. Thank you so much for all the time and work you have put into this awesome site.

I agree with the comment below by Johan, try to ditch the NFL Jersey adverts. They take away from the positive comments left here by so many others and it is totally irresponsible of the persons who wrote those comments to use your comment page for their own advantage. Some people don't think of anyone but themselves.

Love what you're doing. Keep it up. I keep finding new options and it is just so cool! :)

A very happy Canadian!
Sandor Balogh
04 Aug 2011, 09:30

Great work. Keep on! I Donate!


Sandor Balogh
Johan van de Merwe
02 Aug 2011, 14:16
This is just a fantastic site. You keep on playing and it is doing more than it promises. Small remark, get rid of the Chinese wholesaler remarks in your guestbook. The rest seem to be real fans.
06 Jul 2011, 23:01
I don't really need this but I spend 2 hours just playing with editor. It's GREAT!
01 Jul 2011, 20:59
Wow I was so happy to come across your site...all I can say is that I appreciate you and the work you have done.

I am sorry I couldn't donate more funds..but I am a starving artist (smile).

24 Jun 2011, 18:16
When I stumbled across your site, it was like Christmas morning. Awesome site!
21 Jun 2011, 17:16
Best pattern website available on the internet, and i've seen A LOT of pattern websites.
Keep up the good work!
31 May 2011, 07:08
Need more efficient method for finding patterns by category.

Otherwise, excellent site.

Hope you intend to expand it.
24 May 2011, 00:27
thank you so much for creating such a great site!!
15 May 2011, 11:08
Très bon travail, ton site est devenu une référence en la matière !
05 Apr 2011, 03:19
Wow, is all I can say this is a web designers dream.
05 Apr 2011, 02:06
Love your free patterns! Would love to see some modern kids patterns as well.
18 Feb 2011, 04:18
Wow, nice work. I am a student but when I graduate...and get a job, I will certainly donate. Thanks so much
09 Feb 2011, 15:39
This site is awesome, it have a lot of patterns that are really cool, and I think the app you are developing is great really easy to manage, but I found it a little slow, maybe I don´t have such a great conection to internet, maybe is that. Congratulations!!! and Thanks a lot!
15 Jan 2011, 05:36
Harvey, I can't even imagine how much work you put into researching the seeds, contemplating their tiling, making a selection, then programming that into a friendly, fun interface. A cerebral artist with stamina!

I'm so much happier with my site - I dug you on Facebook and made a couple of small donations

I will be back! Thank you!
21 Dec 2010, 16:27
*mystic - as requested, your account has been deleted
20 Dec 2010, 15:54
Could you remove my account?

Wonderful site. Already have another.
18 Dec 2010, 21:05
I would be great if this tool was compatible with the Sims 3 create a pattern
17 Dec 2010, 12:24
Very nice servise.

need more patterns
ali reza
08 Dec 2010, 18:29
tanks for your site
your site is the best
i say to God that help u to improve more and more and ... be succesful
tanksssssssssssssss again
27 Nov 2010, 17:19
Thanks so much for this site, it's great. You really should have a Facebook Like button on here. I just gave you a boost on my page.
Jannipa J.
26 Nov 2010, 12:58
AWESOME!! Thank you!
26 Nov 2010, 00:36
I cant seem to get the SpreadApp to work, is anyone else having problems??
24 Nov 2010, 23:39
Two Words...Super Duper!
05 Nov 2010, 18:49
Fabulous site just what I wanted to make site backgrounds..would be great if you had categorys like Christmas..Spring..Halloween etc.
04 Nov 2010, 21:30
What a great site, indeed, a masterwork.
Looking forward to spend time and money on it as soon as possible.
Julien Neel
21 Oct 2010, 10:32
Thank you for this great site you put up. I used your background editor to generate a nice background for my YouTube channel (youtube.com/trudol) and it was super easy to make and the result looks great. I had been struggling with seamless backgrounds on Google Images that were either not free, had stamps on them or were plain ugly, and your site is a wonderful solution to my problems. Thanks again!
20 Oct 2010, 02:14
Cool, love the colors... wen can u add more patterns?
28 Sep 2010, 13:31
Wonderful!! and thank you so much for creating it!
20 Sep 2010, 07:30
I love this site. Fantastic. Thank you for creating it.

One question and one suggestion...

Question: can you edit an image you found on the regular pattern cooler on the Spread App?

Suggestion: PLEASE add some code to make all of the backgrounds that appear behind the content area of this site FIXED. Please? Some of the patterns are a bit busy and seeing them scroll and move as I scroll down the site give me a bit of sea sickness and cross eyes. LOL
02 Sep 2010, 20:08
superb site - can't stop playing with it!
01 Sep 2010, 21:31
Awesome, I love this site!
21 Aug 2010, 21:39
Nice site but I'd love not to use only those pattern it's having but to make backgrounds of my own images...Is that possible or anyone knows some other on line background editor? Thanks for help...O
11 Aug 2010, 02:26
Very Nice ..Very great work. thx a lot.
06 Aug 2010, 09:58
very beautiful site
05 Aug 2010, 04:49
Thanks for a great resource!

We love your free pattern designs and have linked to them from our free website tools feed

If you have any other great free resources, we'd be happy to link to those as well!

05 Aug 2010, 01:48
Hey Harvey -

Great site. Just wanted to say thanks so much for offering this site free to help out poor folks like me. :) I threw a couple bucks your way via PayPal, and will try to do so each time I use your site.

Thanks again! :)
captn nemo
26 Jul 2010, 18:10
Patterncooler forever! Thank YOU!

The color variations of an actual viewed pattern is difficult/long-winded to find!

How about adding a "color variations of this pattern"-link directly in the right box of the backgroud view (where u can resize the pattern)

thats the only "mindbug" thing i found :)

Go on! nemo

23 Jul 2010, 05:03
Your site is the Best on all the Internet!
No kidding, Superb! Bravo! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful work of yours.
22 Jul 2010, 16:49
17 Jul 2010, 22:07
Hey, I have been looking for patterns for a long time and I don't know how I didn't come across your website before. It is awesome, thank you for all the hard work and for sharing it with us.
15 Jul 2010, 06:59
Hi! I love Pattern Cooler but I was just woundering about the new SpreadAppr, Do we have to use the patterns that are user created or can we somehow import any pattern on this site into the SpreadAppr?

Thanks! Awesome Site!
23 Jun 2010, 13:33
Really Cool man! congratulations, your site is awesome, and really usefull too!
20 Jun 2010, 22:52
This website is AWESOME !
11 Jun 2010, 19:17
Wow! This is a very nice website. I like your patterns! You are very talented! Good luck to you :)
30 May 2010, 22:18
Thank U for awesome patterns!
28 May 2010, 15:25
Great site, and I love how you've put permission for all the patterns right on the front page. These come in very handy for making pretty websites.
16 May 2010, 04:32
Really enjoyed using the program. Easy enough to learn the ins and outs and great results.
12 May 2010, 11:40
Very, very cool! Thanks!
09 May 2010, 04:03
Harvey, thank you for making such great patterns - I appreciate your work a lot - Thank you...
Missy H.
01 May 2010, 06:50
One of the best sites I have seen in a long time... I love that you can edit each pattern's color and make so many different variations of it. Awesome!!!
ST Robinson
25 Apr 2010, 23:15
You have one of the best sites for patterns, great job! Very comprehensive, could spend all day on it. Thanks for some inspiring graphics!
21 Apr 2010, 15:02
Dean Dunn
14 Apr 2010, 20:12
Great site with some truly inspiring patterns.
14 Apr 2010, 13:07
I also love that each time you reload the page, the background changes to a random one of your patterns. May I suggest that you give people a way to interact with (i.e. change colors, resize, download) that specific pattern? Maybe just a link outside of your main content area.
Curtis Gibby
13 Apr 2010, 16:29
Fantastic site. I'm "art challenged" and I needed background patterns, and this app fit the bill quite nicely. I've used several of these patterns as background options for cards on a personalized matching game site called Match The Memory http://matchthememory.com

I'm recommending PatternCooler on Twitter and Facebook.
09 Apr 2010, 23:40
Cool Patterns, you should use the Adobe Kuler API to get some more colours, or to let it pick a random colour
31 Mar 2010, 02:24
Love your patterns! Nice seamless patterns are hard to find. You should try making some argyle patterns. I know they remind people of old grampa socks, but it looks so good!
14 Mar 2010, 19:09
Thank you very much! What a neat, fun site. God bless you.
09 Mar 2010, 21:05
It's really awesome.
26 Feb 2010, 22:49
cool wow this site is awesome
26 Feb 2010, 19:59
This is just what I have been looking for- it is AWESOME.
Alan Gilpatric
14 Feb 2010, 05:19
Whoa what a pattern art champion website and... they even editable?! Wow this deserves a donation credit!

Keep up, you made our life easier!
Abdelaziz Bennouna
05 Feb 2010, 09:54
Hi there,

Wonderful website, really, I can't imagine how I missed it so long.

Lovely backgrounds, efficient online design tool, free stuff. I'll get back to you when I use it, soon enough for sure.

Robin Graff
23 Jan 2010, 18:13
Love your backgrounds! thanks for putting something cool and different out there!
11 Jan 2010, 11:38
Great works!
Wonderful resource.. thanks!!
24 Dec 2009, 15:51
Beautiful artwork! Love your site!
13 Dec 2009, 09:31
I really am glad I stumbled upon this site. So many interesting designs, I will definitely use your patterns and spread the word about this site. :) I am on a student budget, but I did however send a little donation your way :)
08 Dec 2009, 10:20
looks great, I guess I will be using this in the near future
01 Dec 2009, 04:00
this site is so freakin' cool!! I've never seen another like it. Awesome job!
17 Nov 2009, 13:20
Amazing site. I keep reloading the page to see what is the next random pattern ;)
Love it, thanks for sharing...
25 Oct 2009, 23:34
nice work man! great patterns. you should add some vintage textures.
design diva
15 Oct 2009, 15:00
this site is incredible--thank you!!!!
01 Oct 2009, 00:05
I love this website! No other website has the cool designs like this one does. I will be waiting to see more
26 Sep 2009, 15:17
This is absolutely amazing. I love your website, especially the ability to edit every color in every pattern! I'm always looking for new blog and website backgrounds, and the possibilities here are virtually endless. THANK YOU.
01 Sep 2009, 22:07
Great site! Awesome wallpapers!
Thank you so much.
31 Aug 2009, 05:40
You are awesome!
26 Aug 2009, 18:36
great site!
23 Aug 2009, 09:10
Love ya! excellent job!
Definitely put your link to my site.
19 Aug 2009, 02:49
Thankyou! Job well done!
12 Aug 2009, 15:31
Stumbled across the site quite by accident and got to say this is one of the most useful things I've come across to date. Very easy to create the exact mood I'm looking for. The only thing that could make it better (apart from more patterns) is if could have a choice of download formats (gif/jpg) in addition to png. Great work - thanks.
05 Aug 2009, 06:49
I was doing a random search on seamless tiles and happened across your page. I'm still in shock! As a graphic designer, I Thank You for these AMAZING tiles, styles and patterns and commend you for your talent. I am bookmarking your page to pass along to others. Hopefully I can generate a few donations for ya!
Create On...You Rock!!!
Tammy :)
12 Jun 2009, 16:57
You rock! Even with the wig.
17 May 2009, 10:48
What a unique idea! Just want to say many thanks for creating and putting the work into such a fantastic site! Great fun, very useful tool, stunning designs that work, highly interactive, couldn't ask for better!

15 May 2009, 05:52
07 May 2009, 09:30
Just wanted to add that I am having a blast here and I'm on all the time between naps designing up a storm, Thnak you Harvey For creating the site You have helped me realize so many artistic goals I can't even list them all:)
You're a Blessing
06 May 2009, 09:50
I just wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to create and share these amazing images, I use them for personal cards & scrapbooks they are all so incredible i cant pic a a favorite because I love them all, ans those of you who create and upload them here:)
Blessings & gratitude
04 May 2009, 10:27
really helpful, thanks a lot! :)
Lynn Allen
18 Apr 2009, 13:34
I adore this site...what a wonderful resource! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I will make a donation as soon as I am done playing!
Michael Brennan-White
16 Apr 2009, 15:42
What a great resource.

One thing I would find useful would be a list of the tags associated with the pattens that I could start my search from.

If I am missing such a page, please feel free to heckle me and point me in the right direction.
Dave Tems
12 Apr 2009, 17:59
Great site! But when I change the colours and look at my pattern it just goes back to blue rather than the reds and the yellows I put in. Why is this?
10 Apr 2009, 04:04
I heart your site and designs. Keep up the excellent work!
09 Apr 2009, 22:19
Love your site and will Twitter about you. Keep up the great designs. See your background @RepeatPo
09 Apr 2009, 22:17
Love your site and will Twitter about you. Keep up the great designs. See your background <a href="http://www.twitter.com/RepeatPo">@RepeatPo.</a>
26 Mar 2009, 10:14
You really should look into having some of these patterns made into "Hawaiian" style shirts. Design and tech geeks would go crazy for some of these patterns.

Excellent work, and thanks so much for the resource!

[Oh, and @Aaron above... it does seem to be a Safari thing. Color selection was wonky for me in Safari 4 Beta, but was fine in Firefox 3]
25 Mar 2009, 11:48
you rock! you rock! you rock! :))

17 Mar 2009, 23:19
Sorry, I’m having some troubles changing colors.
Im surfing the page on Safari, on a Mac.
Not sure if that’s the issue.
(sorry for posting in the other thing.)
11 Mar 2009, 23:31
This site is outstanding! What a wonderful service you are providing for those of us who are "seamless" challenged.

Thank you!
02 Mar 2009, 21:45
Wonderfull pattern.
Awesome site!!!!!!!
01 Mar 2009, 18:20
i would appreciate to change the name of islamic star (number 130) collection to jewish star
25 Feb 2009, 18:44
Simply, this is great!
18 Feb 2009, 10:19
These are by far the best patterns / textures I have seen anywhere , they are wonderful ! I know this site is going to really enhance my web design , thank you. I have one suggestion ... I think the navigation for browsing the patterns is not quite right.You should be able to search by tag , and have a little tag cloud.The way it navigates now is too much , or , not enough . I could be wrong about this ... it turns out I am wrong a lot .
17 Feb 2009, 13:26
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



15 Feb 2009, 18:37
REALLY tight patterns, love the customisable aspect. skills mate
Jim D
12 Feb 2009, 18:57
This could compliment your great background images: http://inner.geek.nz/javascript/parallax/
06 Feb 2009, 15:25
man, your site is sweet as a nut. found myself a bit absorbed by pressing the logo on the top of your screen just to see the patterns change. ive used one of your patterns for a background on my site. i want to decorate my house in these patterns!
26 Jan 2009, 16:54
Great idea and so useful, thanks so much.
19 Nov 2008, 23:21
Love the patterns, use them constantly..

One request...Something Lightning-themed?
13 Nov 2008, 10:37
hi, is there any possibility to have, near future, the patterns as vector files? this would be a great update then more interesting for graphic designer.....i think a good reason to pay for.
good job, see you
09 Nov 2008, 14:33
Great idea, great site!
09 Oct 2008, 00:19
I love patterncooler so so very much!!

Thanks for such a great resource :)
05 Oct 2008, 06:39
Fantastic Idea and useful website!
keep it upt this amazing project!
Alvin Cheung
05 Oct 2008, 03:50
This site is awesome! Keep it up!
16 Sep 2008, 07:06
I appreciated with this kind of patterns and it makes designers very relax when he/she thinks about the patterns in backgrounds, so keep it up and try to make some more grunge, graffitti art kind of patterns with this super idea.

hope i can see some more new patterns

Harvey Rayner
25 Aug 2008, 10:36
Re: chloe's comment.

i'm currently looking into new hosting which should speed up page load times. + i'm also developing new search tools to make searching for what you like much faster.
25 Aug 2008, 10:33
These are so awesome and very inspirational!
Any plans for some atomic age style patterns, like funky rectangles inside funkier rectangles or ovals?
25 Aug 2008, 10:33
This will be fantastically useful, but unless you make the swatches smaller so I can see more on a page, and make them download faster, it's going to be just too tedious to wait for it every time I want to see another batch of samples, especially considering how many there are to look at! I hope you can speed it up, cuz this is a tool I'd really love to be able to make use of. Thanks!
04 Aug 2008, 08:58
Awesome site .. Putting a post on my blog about your site now . (onluker.com)

all the best . u rock !
06 Jun 2008, 20:45
Such a fab site! I love the ability to edit the colours - so funky!
You rock!
25 May 2008, 18:50
i want to buy some of your groovy fabric. cant wait for your new organic patterns. then i'll buy loads of it.
Harvey Rayner
25 May 2008, 14:25
pretty soon bill. i'm going to just spend another few weeks adding a some new features, then i'll be back to enlarging the number of pattern available. i want to add an more organic collection, some stripe variations and eventually some classic Japanese styles. plus also more of the current retro/geometric root2art stuff.
25 May 2008, 14:17
awesome site man, when you going to put up some more patterns?
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