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I’ve extended the range of possibilities by adding graduation rendering capabilities to my pattern engine. There are a number of designs already in the database that lend themselves well to the use of graduation effects. I’ll be adding these in the coming days. I’d also like to make some designs that are more closely based on a neon theme.

Just a random piece of art I rediscovered on my hard-drive. A friend once commented to me that I like the colors of 1970s bathrooms. I think he may have a point.

One day I’d like to build into this pattern engine some blur and vignette effects.

We now have a new home page format that displays each pattern as three variations together with a name and author. In order to complete this work we had to fill some holes in the database by creating some new designs shown above. Each pattern design has a unique ID number and whilst building the collection over the last year some numbers have been left out for various reasons. To make everything work smoothly we added some new patterns, but they are not shown at the top of the home page as normal, but appear here on page 4.

New patterns from here on in, will appear at the top of page 1 ‘home page’ as per usual.

The author link with each pattern is included as we are now actively seeking pattern designs from designers who want to make a contribution to the patterncooler project.

Having stumbled on this great stripe generator site I was inspired to create a few of my own editable stripe seamless designs. I figured that rather than producing something that could be created on with greater control, it would be better to make something more tailored to the specific strengths of my own pattern engine. So after a little playing around I made some variations on irregular spaced stripes and multiple colored stripes using transparencies to achieve greater color variety, something that is currently beyond the scope of the otherwise brilliant


I’ve just finished a new color editor that allows you to save your own color palettes to your account. this makes creating sets of color themed patterns for your sites much easier and quicker. Sett more than one pattern object to the same color also is made much easier.

Hope you like!


Here are a couple of new patterns based on Japanese designs. The top ideogram style design is pretty much a straight copy of an authentic classic pattern, whilst the wave design is my own subtle variation on another timeless archetypal Oriental pattern.

I’ve made a small, but significant change to the way my ‘pattern engine’ rasterizes patterns which allows me to create seamless tiles that are not limited to being square. Any proportion of rectangle tile is now usable within the pattern library. For you, all this really means is more variety of patterns. For me, the next obviously avenue to explore is patterns based on a hexagonal repeating structure. Unless this kind of pattern is squeezed like the hex pattern a little way down the page, it is impossible to make tessellated hexagons fit seamlessly within a square tile. Now however, this is no longer a restriction for the growing PatternCooler collection.

I’ve started to implement some design changes to the PatternCooler theme beginning with the home page. Over the coming days I hope to apply the style changes throughout the site. I originally knocked out the skin for the first version of this site in a day as I was not sure how serious the site would become. The new theme is only subtly different from the old version, but i’ve put a lot of work into getting these small changes right. I wanted to preserve the original design concepts for the site as they have a distinct flavour and have worked well with the pattern content. Typically for me, this is how designs are born: I start off working quickly with a basic concept and then slowly mature over time - making changes only once I know the good and bad completely of what I’ve already created.

The last pattern shown above is a variation of a design already in the library. I’m still not entirely satisfied with it, but its getting there. I’m treating this project a bit like a patterns sketch pad. If I only put up patterns that I’m 100% happy with, the site will not be as frequently updated. Also, seeing how users play with the designs often gives me further ideas. I will probably rework all the patterns above in time except the second, which I’m quite happy with.

Pattern Strip Quick Viewer

Playing around with some patterns today gave me the idea of creating a quick pattern browser. Users could choose to scroll through strips of patterns just wide enough to get a flavour of the design. This way users could look at many hundreds of patterns at a glance.

However, this idea has to just go on the end of a long list of improvements that I want to make to the site. I’m getting to the stage were I could use the help of another developer, maybe for a share in any future profits the site may make:) anyone interested? Need someone with experience of Flash, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, SVG